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50% deposit is required on all work prior to ordering forms and mounting your trophy.

All customers must fill out and sign our Wildlife Resource Document or Federal Migratory Bird Tag at time of drop off.

Additional charges may apply for excessive cuts, repairs, alterations and custom poses.  Horn/antler repair rates available upon request.

Upon completion of your trophy, you will be notified by phone, text, and/or email.  The remaining balance of your trophy is due at completion.  All mounts must be picked up within 30 days of notice of completion to avoid a $2.50 per day storage fee.

All mounts not picked up within 90 days will become the property of Indian Creek Taxidermy and subject to resale or disposal with loss of any deposits.

Many factors affect the quality of your trophy. Your taxidermist has no control over the handling of the specimen before it is received. Many other things affect the final result, such as time of the year, condition of the skin, how it was handled, and how soon and how long it was frozen. Often bruises, injuries, scars and even ticks can leave damaged areas that may not be visible until the hide is tanned. Because we can't control what happens to the animal before we receive it, we can't guarantee tanning, but we can guarantee that we will provide the best care for your trophy once it's in our possesion.

Indian Creek Taxidermy is not responsible for theft, damage due to fire/flood/electrical outage or acts of God. However, we will do everything in our power to protect your mounts from any harm.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Taxidermists, Keeley and Bryce Jurca, are born and raised in Blue Ridge, Texas, a Taxidermist daughter and son.  Creativity, hard work and drive are deep in our roots. We strive for perfection and desire the opportunity to provide a five star service to the working man/woman.  We are graduates of Lone Star State School of Taxidermy and members of Texas Taxidermy Association and Oklahoma Taxidermists Association.  We will provide you with a lifelike and anatomically correct trophy to be adored for a lifetime.  It's not the size or the score of your harvest that makes it a trophy, it's the memories, and we're here to keep them alive! FINISH THE HUNT with Indian Creek Taxidermy!


Indian Creek Taxidermy specializes in game heads, european, panel, lifesize mounts including, but not limited to Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Axis Deer, many other exotics, and Birds.

Welcome to Indian Creek Taxidermy

Proper caping of your deer is one of the first steps to ensure a good mount. Do not cut it up the back of the neck or cut into the sternum (brisket). Make sure that when cutting the legs, the incision should be made up the back of the leg, where the brown hair meets the white hair. Cut the cape longer than you think you need. Excess hide can always cut off, but it can’t be put back on.

Your cape has an expiration date and the clock starts ticking as soon as the fun part is over. It's best to get your cape off the animal and to the taxidermist or freezer asap. Especially in warm wet weather conditions.  Heat and moisture are the enemy. Do not store your animal in a cooler or trash bag with melting ice. Water from melting ice & heat will spoil an animal or hide.

Good luck to all this season - FINISH THE HUNT with Indian Creek Taxidermy!

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